Modular Home Floor Plans

Today's modular homes are built and regulated by the same codes as traditional site built homes, and often to HIGHER standards to ensure safety and quality! This ensures you that your new modular home from Moncure Homes affords you the same style and comfort you want, at a price that is sure to beat most any stick-built home of comparable value you can find! And like a stick-built home, most modular homes are "custom-built" to suit the living needs and affordability of the home buyer.

There are literally hundreds of floor plans for modular homes, and it would be almost impossible to list them all on our site. So, we invite you to browse through the manufacturer plans below to find the PERFECT modular home floor plan for you and your living needs! When you've decided on a plan (or plans!) bring it to us for the BEST PRICE!

(Note: Due to some manufacturer sales restrictions, some floor plans may not be available to Moncure Homes, however, we may be able to offer you a comparable model through another manufacturer. 

Ask a sales associate for more details about any floor plan you choose!)

Champion Homes

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